2020 07 12 – Chile, COVID facts

UPDATED 2020 07 14

This post presents current facts about COVID in Chile and its southern part, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, Cabo de Hornos.

For visitors. The international flights resumed mid june (Iberia, LATAM, Air France, etc). National flights are maintained but less frequent, e.g., Santiago – Punta Arenas: only 2 weekly flights. In the south of Chile, the ferries are working.

In summary, you can travel now or wait until October, when the situation may be almost normal. Read below before taking a decision.

COVID. Chile national figures, July 12, 2020. 1.273.627 tests,  312000 positive cases,  24000 active cases, 6881 dead. Source gob.cl/coronavirus/cifrasoficiales

COVID. Regional figures for Southern Chile, July 11. 1545 cases, 17 dead. Puerto Williams 22 cases, zero active cases. Puerto Natales 50 cases (many of them active), Punta Arenas 1398 cases. Source: covid19entucomuna.cl

The peak of contagion was around June, 12- 14 and the number of daily cases decreases since then (see graphics below).

The pandemia stroke Chile at the worst moment: the beginning of austral autumn, i.e. the onset of pulmonary diseases and influenza.

Nonetheless, Chile performed honorably in comparison with other countries in terms of mortality (death/100.000 habitants). For example:


Country Population (millions) Death Death/100000 habitants
Portugal 10 m. 1646 16
Chile 19 m. 6881 36
USA 331 m. 132700 41
France 65 m. 29800 46
Sweden 10 m. 5500 55
Italy 60 m. 35000 58
Spain 45 m. 28400 63
UK 68 m. 44650 66

Population worldometers.info/demographics/.

Deaths who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports

Source: gob.cl/coronavirus/cifrasoficiales.

The government policy is 3-fold: 1) early actions  from 3rd week of march: closure of frontiers, quarantine, lock down. 2) selective actions: local sanitary cordons, local lock down, individual quarantine. 3) extensive testing (e.g. 3 times more tests in Chile than in France).

Current lock down (july 12): Santiago (metropolitan region), Valparaiso & Viña del Mar, Rencagua, Iquique, Antofagasta … Most of the territory is not in quarantine or lock down.

See gob.cl/coronavirus/cuarentena for a map.

Current sanitary cordons: Punta Arenas, Puerto Williams, Puerto Natales (to confirm).

Rules.  Wearing a facial mask is mandatory in streets, public transportation and closed places (shops, malls, offices). Curfew (nobody out between 2200h and 0500h). Sanitary passport for travelers (self-filled questionaire +  temperature control).

To cross a  sanitary cordon: in general, previous autorization and medical checkup. Then according to local regulations, PCR test and/or quarantine.

In the Cape Horn district (Puerto Williams). From 2020 07 17, on your arrival, a PCR test is performed at the city hospital, and you wait for the results in lock down at your  accomodation.

See gob.cl/coronavirus/documentos/ for travel requisite and documents.

Contact your own consulate for howtos.


Lock down zones gob.cl/coronavirus/cuarentena

Travel documents gob.cl/coronavirus/documentos/

Regional figures covid19entucomuna.cl

National figures gob.cl/coronavirus/cifrasoficiales.

Worldwide figures who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports

(warning about World Health Organization site: NOT TRUSTABLE. It is a mere compilation of countries official data,  often inaccurate, and poorly presented).

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