2020 10 07 Chile, COVID: standby


At the beginning of october , the Chilean government announced that the current sanitary regulations are maintained for an undetermined period of time. See COVID facts in the next section

This implies that the fontiers are closed for non-residents, displacements between regions are restricted, quarantine for some cities, lock down, etc.

In the case of Puerto Williams (Cape Horn district), the access is restricted to inhabitants and essential workers.

Consequence: the Cape Horn expeditions that were scheduled from November are in standby.

We expect that the situation will normalize in January and February, i.e. austral summer and chilean vacations.


The situation in Chile is not critical, but the country cannot get rid of the virus.

After reaching a peak mid-june (onset of winter = “second wave” ), the number of new cases decreased steadily, but reached a plateau below which it does not fall.

Every day, there are between 1000 and 2000 new cases, PCRS are around 25.000 (the highest rate in South America) and deaths are between 25 and 100.

Source: www.gob.cl/coronavirus/cifrasoficiales/

However, the epicentre of the desease is now in Punta Arenas. In spite of a strict quarantine, lock down at 2000 etc the contagion is uncontrolled.

Source: www.gob.cl/coronavirus/cifrasoficiales/

Puerto Williams is currently preserved (2020-10-06: no active case) thanks to its natural sanitary cordon: the weekly ferry and the small plane are reserved to residents and essential workers.