2022 01 07 – Sonabia 2 in Cabo de Hornos


Sonabia 2 at anchor in Puerto Williams, 2022 01 03


Sonabia 2 sailed 7600 nautical miles from Hendaye, Basque Country, France to Puerto Williams, Cabo de Hornos, Chile.

This was the real test for Sonabia 2. Many things to improve, many problems fixed but overall the boat sailed wonderfully.

October 12: departure from hendaye

Sailing the northern coast of Spain: 2 1/2 days.

October 14 to 21: stop at La Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

Sailing around Cabo Finisterre,  the coast of Portugal and down to Islas Canarias: 9 days.

October 30 to november 3: stop at Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canarias. Volcan Cumbre Vieja active, clouds of ashes.

Atlantic crossing to Rio de La Plata: 35 days

December 8 to 19: stop at Mar del Plata, Argentina to repair the autopilot. Moored but not allowed  to go ashore for COVID regulations.

Sailing the roaring forties: 13 days 6 hours. The weather was not extreme but very tricky. Heaving-to 6 times.

January 2, 0300AM: arrival at Puerto Williams, Chile.

At anchor but not allowed to go ashore until our vaccines are validated.

January 26: All vaccines validated, autorized to go aground.

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