2021 01 17 – Navarino Island – COVID update

After a lock down in December, Puerto Williams came back to level 2, i.e. a simple sanitary barrier. Tourism is still not allowed.

However, DAP Airlines resumed the flights Punta Arenas – Puerto Williams.

Besides, COVID figures increased markedly in Chile during the feasts. Currently the number of new daily cases is about 4000. Nothing dramatic in comparison with Europe and the USA, but …

Wait and see.

2020 12 10 – Navarino Island: lock down again.

Last week, 19 new cases in Puerto Williams. That is what we had the 2 first months.

Since today, quarantine and lock down. The access is not allowed for non residents.

However Chile is open to foreigners.  Requisites and forms: c19.cl

Information about the global COVID situation: gob.cl/coronavirus/cifrasoficiales/

Local situation (by region and city) covid19entucomuna.cl/

Obviously, we postpone our sailing season. New horizon for Cape Horn navigation: february 2021 To be confirmed.

By the way, sailing in march and april is great, many calms after the equinox.