2023 09 03 – Antarctica on Sonabia 2, February 2023

A few  videos from our trip to Antarctica on Sonabia 2, February 2023

The Portal of Dreams, by Carlos Guevara Vivanco, on Sonabia 2.
Gold Winner at European Photography Awards.

Lemaire Passage

Gerlache Strait

Chilean base Gonzalez Videla, Paradise Bay

Argentinian  Base Almirante Brown, Paradise Bay

Enterprise Island

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2021 08 03 – Sonabia 2 under sail

Sonabia 2 was launched on 2021 07 29 at Socoa, Iparralde, France. She is an expedition boat for the Great South (Cape Horn, Antarctica)

First test under sail on 2021 08 03 at Hendaye, France.  Wind 6-8 knots, no waves, no current.



Sonabia 2 sails swiftly, I expected a brutal boat. In fact she is as smooth as a kitten.

Performance: true wind: 6.5 to 6.9 knots , speed 5.6 knots (close beating), 6.2 knots (open beating).

Not bad for an expedition boat! Configuration:  main and genoa 110m2, load~12.5 tons, keel down, 3.4 tons, draft 2.95m).

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