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… about Cape Horn and Antarctica, on Sonabia and Sonabia 2.

If you are seriously interested in an Antarctic expedition on Sonabia 2,  we will send you a document containing detailed information.


Do I need sailing experience ?

By no means. If you are a sailor and willing to participate, good. Otherwise no problem.

My health?

You must be fit or at least healthy. For Antarctica you will fill a preliminary form. The screening is less tight for Cape Horn (only a few days).

For Antarctica, you also need to be mentally and emotionally healthy. Sadly, the psychotic episodes are not infrequent, due to the isolation and the ubiquitous ice.

My age?

Not important. We rounded Cape Horn with crews over 80 years old as well as younger than 18 years old. However, anybody must be healthy, see above.

Sea sickness?

It occurs, even for experienced sailors. It happens in the Drake Passage as well as during Cape Horn sailing . On the contrary you won´t be sea sick in Antarctica.

There are means to prevent or delay seasickness (elaborated by crews on Sonabia). We will explain them when you come aboard.

The scopolamine patches seem to work for 100% of the people. For prevention, the optocinetic training seems sensible but it takes time. For the rest of the methods, I never saw anything that works 100% of the time.


The boats are robust and well tested, and their safety equipment is complete. More important, the crew knows the job and has experience. This is the most important factor to prevent accidents.

Sonabia is a lightweight boat, but it is well prepared for Cape Horn. We know its limits and we never round the Cape when the sea is too strong (waves above 4m, crossed sea, breaking waves).

Sonabia 2 is a real tank (that is its nickname). Although relatively small and lightweight in  comparison with other Antarctic sail boats, its  impact-proof hull (up to 60mm thick),  its lifting steel keel and its lifting rudders minimize the risks.

Are the dates guaranteed?


However if we agreed on an expedition, it is guaranteed. We sail no matter what happens.

The starting date is from the agreed date as soon as the weather permits.

The arrival date ptakes into account both your return trip and the weather.

Since 2015-2016 nobody lost his/her return trip. However, sometimes this obliges us  to come back in advance.

If you want to enjoy fully the expedition, have a return trip with open dates or with a large safety margin.

Antarctica AND Cape Horn?

The Cape Horn is not on the direct route towards Antarctica, it lays 25 nautical miles (46km) west. However, it is possible to sail close to Horn Island or even to round the Cape  under two conditions

– We stop in Puerto Williams which allows us to sail in Chilean internal waters and to sail in the Drake at a distance lower than two miles from the Cape

– There is a weather window to do so. FYI, in the last two trips it was not possible to reach Cape Horn.

Why are there so few photos and videos on this site?

Because what you will live in Antarctica exceeds whatever we could show you.

Also, this web site goes straight to the point, and multimedia stuff is just advertising. If you want beautiful pictures, see those of  Carlos Guevara Vivanco

gvivanco.com/fotos/, Antarctica 2023.

Why is there nothing about the crew?

For privacy concern. No photos and no personal information on the web.

In addition, the pictures of the crew members with big smiles do not tell you how you will coexist during several weeks (or days, for Cape Horn)

Contact us directly to find out who we are. We can send you references, navigation titles, etc. on demand.

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