2023 04 29 – Sonabia 2, ventilation everywhere.

2023 04 29 – In Sonabia 2 there are 26 ventilation holes.

They generate local ventilation for each room.

The local ventilation  dries the cabin

The  local ventilation evacuates damp air from each cabin. Even if there is a cold air inlet, the thermal sensation is better because the ambient air is more dry.

In the high latitudes, without adequate ventilation, it is frequent to see water dripping from the cold surfaces during the night.

This humidity comes from 1) the atmosphere (rain, fog, etc.)  2) cooking (gas combustion produces steam and CO2) and 3) mostly from human respiration.

Does the local ventilation  work?

See by yourself. After 1 month sailing in Antarctica we cleaned the two front cabins, each occupied by one person.

In the port cabin, seldom ventilated, we collected more than 1/2 liter of condensation water .

The starboard cabin, ventilated every day, had no condensation water.

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