2024 04 05 – Iron Man in Deception Island, Antarctica

On February 21, 2024, Connor Emeny completed the first Iron Man  in Deception Island, Antarctica, in a little less than 33 hours.

Picture : Connor Emeny, Melchior Islands, February 2024.

This outstanding performance took place in Telefon Bay, a zone of  volcanic ground, free from animals and vegetation.

The rules of the Antarctic Treaty (guidelines No 20) have been strictly followed, no damage to the flora and no interference with the animals.


Connor used a fat-wheeled bike, that left no traces on the rocky terrain. However the fat bike is slow and effortful, unlike the thin-wheeled bicycles used in a classical Iron Man.

At 0500AM, Connor swam  more than 2 nautical miles (3.9km) in frozen waters. He took 30 minutes to warm up and regain his strength. Then he started biking for 180km. Finally Connor completed a 42km running..

Connor completed his Iron Man in a little less than 33 hours.

Previously, Ander Hofman ran an Iron Man in the New Shetlands in February 2020, but he was interrupted by a blizzard during 27 hours. He resumed after this break and his total time was 72 hours.

Connor Emeny, first to complete an Iron Man on 7 continents

Sonabia 2 and its crew were proud to help Connor in this project.

The trip…

Video by David Cossio Sánchez

Diaporama by David Cossio Sánchez

Diaporama by David Cossio Sánchez

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