Sailing expedition to Antarctica

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Sailing expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula from Puerto Williams (Chili) or Ushuaia (Argentina),  on the sailship Sonabia 2.

Duration: 3 weeks (see timing below)
Capacity: 4 passengers (max 6) + skipper + crew
Sailing season: December, January and February (1 expedition per month)
Reservations starting from May (limited places)


1 – Ushuaia or Puerto Williams. Waiting for a ´weather window´ to cross the Drake Passage. We sometimes wait in Puerto Toro or the Wollaston Islands (near Cape Horn) before crossing.

2 – Crossing the Drake Passage, average 4 days. First part of the adventure. The Drake is famous for its strong gales and  its waves. It is a personal challenge for both experienced sailors and novices.

3 – Cruising in Antarctica, average 12 days. We expect to visit 9 to 12 sites. Day navigation, often motoring in the ice. Stop at anchor every night and go aground whenever the weather allows it.

4 – Waiting for a weather window in the Melchior Archipelago. A very nice site to stay one or several days.

5 – Crossing back the Drake Passage. Average 4 days. If you have fixed dates to travel, we will ensure that you are on time.


Sonabia 2 follows the rules of the Antarctic Treaty, its permit is renewed every year. In addition its environmental impact is minimal.  On the last trip (2023)

6 Persons.
Duration 1 month
Total trip 1470 nautical miles.
Total fuel consumption 630L.
Average fuel consumption 0.43L/nautical mile,  2.85L/engine hour.
Trash: everything except organic waste is brought back (compacted volume 1.2m2 approx). 
Visits ashore: 4 persons maximum, keeping a safe distance from the animals.
Whales watching: keeping a safe distance and stopping the boat whenever the whales come too close.

This is to be compared with the cruising ships carrying hundredths of passengers (allowed by the Antarctic treaty: 100 passengers to disembark at the same time), and a fuel consumption of tons per hour.

Other information

Languages spoken aboard: English, Spanish, French

Insurance. You need a personal travel insurance.

Luggage. 1 or 2 bags (sailors bag or backpack), NO RIGID SUITCASE.

Sleeping bag: recommended to bring yours

Clothing: warm clothing, gloves, hat, high protection sunglasses, ski googles.

Shoes:  interior shoes for the boat,  high rubber boots to go aground

Budget, travel, accommodation?  contact us

Videos: Eric Sonabia, 2022 - Carlos Guevara Vivanco, 2023.

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