2023 07 02 – Mutiny in Antarctica, the nightmare of the family


February 10, 2022, on Sonabia 2, in the Antarctic Peninsula, the crew JGT suffers a panic attack that degenerates into a violent psychotic episode. He is evacuated the next day.

The short story is here: 2022 02 10 Mutiny in the Antarctica

For me (Eric, on board) it was stressful but somehow entertaining. For Maite, my partner it was a nightmare.

Since then, JGT (Josu Guerra Tolosa) tells of his “exploits”. He even contacted Maite to give his “version” of what happened. Forgetting that she heard his screams herself, on the satellite phone.

This is insulting, after what he put her through. Watch the following video and compare the proven facts with his “version”

Now, with Maite´s permission here is the true sequence of events, supported by satellite SMS between Sonabia 2, Maite and the Chilean Navy, mails and notes in the computer´s log file.

Note. All the supporting documents are available on demand, privately.

Sound tracks from Pixabay, FreeSoundLibrary, Mixkit

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