2023 06 03 – Tourism in Antarctica – Alert!

There were many cruise ships in Antarctica in 2022-2023.

In some spots several ships were waiting to disembark in turn (we, sail ships, avoid most of these spots).

70 cruise ships,  468 trips, 111.400 visitors: this is what the Antarctic Treaty allowed for the season 2022-2023

Since the season 2019-2020, the Antarctic Treaty allowed: 
26% more visitors 
79% more ships 
61% more travels

Compare with small ships (sail ships and motor vessels below 70 persons): 34 vessels, 90 trips, 1299 visitors: this is 1.2% of the visitors.

Source: Antarctic Treaty database

The Antarctic Treaty delivers mandatory permits before the season. So we know how many visitors, boats and trips are allowed.

Warning: the actual figures may be slightly different (2023 06 03: the figures for the season 2022-2023 are not updated yet).

1) cruise ships are not always full;
2) inversely some ships are not listed, for instance seen in the Drak: a ship with 2300 passengers, in Antarctica, another ship with 1950 passengers.

database - pre-season 2022-2023     
pdf - list of ships

database - pre-season 2019-2020       
pdf - list of ships

xls - lists of ships and totals

2023 02 12 - Paradise Bay

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